Michael E Haskins

The Trainers’ Trainer

Over 25 Years as a Leader in the Fitness Industry

Thirty years ago, Michael E. Haskins started his venture (a Bally’s Total Fitness Sales Rep) for the money, flashy cars, and lavish lifestyle included! But, he continued to grow his expertise in health and fitness (fortunately!). Then, he saw it – how drastically people’s lives were changing! Soon, the money came with meaning. 

Specifically, change in the black community. It’s no secret that diseases, like diabetes, plague people (and families) of color. Kids then grow and follow in their parents’ poor, unhealthyfootsteps. This includes their bad eating habits and zero exercise.

Since he first saw change in his clients’ lives, Mike continues to bring change to the community.


Teaching Lifelong Habits to Live a TotalFit Livestyle

Though a renowned Wealth & Wellness Mentor and Health & Fitness Expert, Mike is unassuming. The accolades, that he’s gotten over the years, has not changed who he is. 

If there’s anyone who better understands the essence of success in the health and fitness business, it’s Michael E Haskins. While many others may be able to share the secrets to success in creating a lifestyle brand, Michael’s mantra of creating happy clients who remain loyal to your business and making communities more aware of their own health and happiness sets him apart from other entrepreneurs.

His latest venture, The Personal Trainers Business Academy (PTBA) was years in the making. With The PTBA, aspiring trainers gain access to proven methods Haskins has employed over the years to start, build, and grow their fitness business into one that is profitable.

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